Social media, which was introduced as a medium to connect with people has grown into something bigger and has become an integral part of people’s lives.

Businesses are benefiting from this big time and place, where people spend a lot of time, is a place where marketers go to talk about their products and services.

You being an Edify reseller can utilize social media to promote your Edify store and get sales. Let’s look at what you can do on social media, how you need to talk about the Edify products, and where you can see all this data.


Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are undoubtedly the most popular spaces where people spend their time. Let’s go through each one of them.


You may not be frequenting Facebook anymore but millions of people are. While it’s true that organic engagement on Facebook has come down drastically, it can still help you in many ways.

Groups: There are thousands of active groups on Facebook where your target audience actively engages. Join these groups, add value by posting relevant content which adds value to the members and after a couple of such posts share Edify store or products in the groups. A good frequency is 3:1, 1 promotional post after every 3 educational posts.

Facebook Reels: These aren’t as popular as Instagram reels hence, Facebook is actively promoting this feature and you have a better chance of getting more reach with Facebook Reels. Record a video of yourself, describing the benefits of Edify products (Each reel can talk about 1 product) and post them.


Instagram now has regular posts, stories, reels, and notes. Regular posts are about portraits, special events and photodumps. Reels are your creative space with videos that engage, entertain, and educate people. Stories on the other side are that 24h notice board where you share others’ posts, memes, reels, ideas, promotional materials, and more.

Make use of Instagram stories, share information about your Edify store, Edify products and share the link to your store. This notice board can act as a lead-generation tool for you, make use of it.


We all love WhatsApp (except for those family groups). It has effectively replaced SMS. You already know about sharing things on WhatsApp but do it more tactically this time. Figure out the list of people who could be interested in Edify products for you know them well. Share the promotional message with them along with the benefits. If you are an active part of certain groups, share the entire store there. 

Pro Tip: You can install WhatsApp Business app and sign-up with your non-personal phone number. Using this version of WhatsApp, you can add details about your Edify store in the profile, set up automatic responses and more.

Meta Advertising

If you feel like reaching out to more and more of people in a shorter period of time. In other words, if you want to become a Start Edify Reseller, you can use Advertising to do the same.

Meta Advertising helps you show your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other platforms. To advertise on Meta, you would need a Facebook page. If you don’t have one, create it and you will get an ad account. You can add your Instagram account and run ads across platforms.

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