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Laptops for Students
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Premium Laptops
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Laptops for Professionals

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What it means to be Edify Refurbished?


50+ Quality Checks

Each laptop is checked against 50+ quality points. Only those passing our strict tests get the Edify badge, showing top performance and reliability.

Rigorous Refurbishment

For those needing a little extra care, our team conducts rigorous refurbishment, ensuring every device functions at it’s peak, just like new.

6 Months Of Warranty

Rest easy with our 6-month warranty, offering peace of mind. Each purchase is protected, ensuring satisfaction, and top performance.

The Edified Effect

Image one
Image two
of energy saved
of lesser CO2 Emission
of e-waste saved

Edify Rockers

What do our users say?

  • user-1

    Manjunath Bhat

    I have a Shop and i frequently buy laptops from edify .The best thing I like about the company is their quick response and good quality product with excellent service From Orange service point.

    May 30th, 2024

  • user-1

    Shiv Bidani

    Cofounder - Streak

    I recently bought a Dell laptop from Edify, and the experience was fantastic. The customer service was friendly and knowledgeable, answering all my questions. The ordering process was smooth. The computer was refurbished with a new battery so the quality was excellent. The customer executive was helpful and was able to answer technical questions as well. In a world full of automation, the touch of human was just correct. I highly recommend Edify for their quality products and exceptional service.

    June 30th, 2024

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